Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stam Torah Haggadah

Dear Stam Torah faithful amush,

The link below is a brief running commentary on the Maggid section of the Haggadah with text. [Please note that because the text was transferred from a different computer program to Microsoft Word, a minimal few of the vowels in the text can be a bit off]
As everyone knows, there are myriad explanations and commentaries on every passage of the haggadah. The goal of my commentary was to present one explanation that the leader (or participants) at the Seder can use and repeat as a brief explanation of each passage of the haggadah, and to get a basic understanding of what we are saying.
Please note that almost none of the explanations are my own. Rather, they are culled from many different sources which i have read or heard over the years.(unfortunately, I didn't have the time to record the source for each one...)
I hope it will enhance your Seder.
I welcome all feedback and comments.

Link: Torah Haggadah - 5773.pdf
(To Download: Right click and click "Save Link As")

Wishing everyone a chag kasher v'samayach,
Dani & Chani
Shalom, Aviva, AVROHOM YOSEF, & Chayala Staum


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